About Me

Ric is currently based in Oslo, Norway. 

A graduate of the City University of New York, he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications - Media Studies, January 1989. He studied painting before switching to photojournalism because of a need to realistically document his awareness of our shared humanity. The issue began to come into focus, during his youth in Harlem, New York, while listening as concerned adults complained of the media's consistent portrayal of blacks and Latinos as Other. These complaints helped him to understand how who we are can shape how we see. 

And despite how we see - experience has taught him - people are the same everywhere: we have similar fears, cry similar tears, celebrate loved ones and friends, encounter the sufferings of sickness and old age, and eventually mourn our dead. Such are the universality of issues which bond us as a world community. 

Ric's editorial photographs have appeared in Le Nouvel Observateur (L'OBS), Jeune Afrique, The Guardian, IRIN News, The New York Times and NBC.News.com. 

He is committed to creating a visual journal that speaks of the resilience, normalcy, estrangement and injustice that characterizes the lives of people disparaged as Other, as he collects evidence of our shared humanity. His photographs are an expression of awareness and a highlight of the evidence he has gathered.